A Pool of Dreams



Dreamers Home Coming

Make Time Stand Still

Let’s make time stand still.

Chase the morning sun down to the damp sand.

Throw pebbles into the breaking waves and

track the prints of waders along the water's band.

Let's walk where the high tide reaches

crushing razor shells against our wish,

shielding our eyes in each other's shadow,

as we seek to find any stranded starfish.

Let us run ahead of the swirling sand

whipped to a frenzy by the east wind whirls

patterning the beach with shifting ridges.

Hoping to see the basking seals.

Let's make time stand still,

watch the sun’s red balloon fade away

as the red raised heads of galloping horses,

fade with the evening mist, turn grey.

Let's pretend we are riding those horses

along the empty beach shoreline

listening to the waves we will find,

we are both in and out of time.

“Last night we walked the silver sand.

Stood and kissed, caressed by nature's thrill.

Last night peace lodged within our souls

and time for us really did stand still”.

  copyright  Michael King