20th Century Crusaders



Make Time Stand Still

copyright  Michael King

A Pool of Dreams

Living in A Pool of Dreams, its bubbles trick my brain,

as the dreams and the fantasies hold me in suspension.

Not trapped by the foolish illusion that what I feel is real

but floating, drifting, dreaming. without plan or direction.

Confusion engulfs me, twirls me up, down and around.

This experience excites my brain, rejecting the formal.

My thoughts no longer rational, feet well off the ground.

My Pool of Dreams rejects the place usually called normal.

Your Pool of Dreams may carry you on a Friendly Wind.

Softly kissing your body with a light invitation to jump in.

Floating on the waves drifting, dreaming, gravity defeated.

Regaining the innocence of youth and all the joy of being.

A Pool of Dreams may not survive exposed to the daylight.

Left unable to separate what is real from what is fantasy.

Get the balance right or you will drown in A Pool of Tears,

when your Pool of Dreams takes over and replaces reality.