Dreamers Homecoming

Dreamers waiting to go home

offering a sigh of relief as their carriage comes into view

and the trials of the day fade into memories dark caverns

replaced by images more pleasing and diverse

Awake to dream

A dream is not a dream until you wake up

but many dreams remain a constant tease

flitting around memories vacant corridors

leaving the dreamer lost and ill at ease

The pictures painted melting in the sunlight

now quickly morphing into tantalizing shadows

most dreams have no meaning in the daylight

as the picture fades and fickle memory narrows

Some dreams may seek to solve a mystery

as the mood of the subconscious mind seeks out

to bring forward to the light that hidden previously

and extinguish smouldering fires of fear and doubt

Many dreams play upon your conscious mind

arousing a climate of mistrust and fear

Just laugh them all away leave them behind

Those dreams do not exist but You are here

Take your dreams hold on to all the best bits

Leave the scary and the threatening behind

Push these away treat them all as misfits

Make your dreams the warm and pleasing kind.


Make Time Stand Still



  copyright  Michael King