Strange Times

We now live in such strange times

Locked in our homes

Nothing rhymes

A quick short walk

If we are able

Don’t stop to talk

Just food for the table

Then quickly indoors

Run out of chores

Cracks begin showing

Doesn’t seem right

Time to write

a poem

                              copyright  Michael King

Locked Down

These strange times in which we live,

mother nature a lonely window.

Our thoughts and groceries all pass through a sieve.

Whatever the weather outside, we can't go.

Our friends skyped, zoomed or whatever

not the way to ride life’s train.

Hold your breath, isolate, gone forever.

The one no longer part of the main.

Stay indoors protect the NHS.

Waiting for forced winter’s cloud to depart,

You must rise above this dreadful mess.

And always keep summer in your heart.

It is within your gift.

                                                               copyright  Michael King



Life's Journey