Life's Journey


My World

The Hinterland

I have my own personal Hinterland

that is hidden behind a public face

Removed from scrutiny no rules apply

A secret place no history to trace

In this Hinterland resides my greatest fears

accompanied by wild and brave ambition

No scrutiny can puncture its protective skin

No comfort here or disturbing condition

Freed from world’s staged performances

No rules apply the pathway set to random

Unfettered joy accompanies abject misery

Here these two conditions reside in tandem

The product of this most unlikely marriage

removes all depression and wild fantasy  

Resulting in a calm and peaceful refuge

where I can live in the way I wish to be

Some may say this all sounds mediocre

I respond my journey now much calmer

as I balance the good against the bad

My Hinterland has become Nirvana

copyright  Michael King