I never sought the bright lights

it is not my way or style

or risen to the great heights

Or even given them a trial

I’ve never wanted fame

I like being in the shade

anonymity is my game

I don’t want to make the grade

I’m happy being me

not flirting with the world

but when I've left I do agree

my skills may be unfurled

My skills are not yet evident

I appear a hapless chap

When I leave behind I covenant

that I’m never coming back

Hooray hurrah you say

bursting out in raucous laughter

saying that’ll be the day

when you leave us with the after

Inwardly I quietly smile

as one day they will find out

I have often gone that extra mile

That's what I’m all about

The Bright Lights

I've written lots of stuff

and drank from the cup of life

but that was not enough

I’ve struggled and survived

I've quietly followed my ambitions

Not gone the way of the Crowd

set my own rules and conditions

whenever I was allowed

I know I've caused some harm

and of that there is no doubt

but I’m not stranded on the beach

where life's tide is always out

I have now reached the conclusion

That life isn't really so bad

Bringing love and joy into fusion

That's the experience I have had

Although there were hard times

when things were always grey

and my poems lost their rhymes

Somehow I found my way

Michael April 2019

                                            copyright  Michael King





20th Century Crusaders

  copyright  Michael King